At ACM we pride ourselves on our good service and fairness to our valued customers. You won't find any expensive service contracts here, and when things do go wrong we like to have them solved as quickly as possible. To achieve this look at some of the benefits we offer all our customers free of charge:

Free test box

High precision instruments such as ours should be tested on a regular basis, we recommend a short test before and after every major corrosion monitoring program. This ensures reliable results and provides reassurance that the instrument is in good condition. To enable this we now provide a free test box with our standard instruments, to bring calibration into the lab, particularly useful for our international customers.

Fast e-mail and telephone support

If you do need to contact us, don't worry! Because at ACM our e-mail and telephone support is one of our strengths. You get straight through to the very people who designed and made your instrument and software, and who better is there to solve any problems you may encounter. Where else would directors answer the phone then a totally customer orientated firm committed to great service.

2 Year Warranty

In the rare event that an ACM Instrument does need to come into us for repair we offer a two year warranty free of charge. For total piece of mind this can be extended to five years at low cost.

FREE software updates

We are continually improving our software to enhance the experience of using it. Then there are always technical advances, which mean upgraded software is required. At ACM we believe we should give these away for free, and so we do! See the Downloads page to get your upgrade!

Website resources

We have a number of resources on our website to help you use our instruments to their maximum capability :-