Representing the pinnacle of practical electrochemistry, battery scientists both understand and use electrochemistry as a routine tool to develop and improve their products. Because of their electrochemical expertise and the advance of battery technology, battery scientists demand the most accurate and flexible instruments they can obtain.

As a result of ACM's product flexibility we have listened to our battery science customers and built the instruments they wanted. They asked for useful currents and multiple channels and we gave them the Gill 8, the preferred instrument for batteries. In universities and smaller companies they appreciate the price of the single channel Gill AC. Both these can easily incorporate custom tests in our unique and powerful Sequencer as required by the battery scientist. They appreciate that we use a standard isolated computer interface to any modern PC, without any screwdriver work in the PC. For those whose work involves high currents, or potentials we build the Battery Engine. Our battery science customers usually need extra current (this is where ACM's flexible manufacturing facility is perfect, all of our PC controlled instruments can easily go to 600 Amps, or 400V), so don't put up with an underpowered potentiostat, ask the professionals.

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Recommended Instrumentation