Zed 16

Zed 16


  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Mixed metal testing
  • Welded structures
  • Macrocell current testing
  • Quality control


  • ASTM G71
  • ASTM G82
  • ASTM G102
  • ASTM G199


  • 16 Zero Resistance Ammeters
  • Either 20mA or 350mA per channel
  • High Impedance RE
  • Stable ground reference
  • Fixed Potentials
  • Adjustable range
  • Measures couple current
  • Measures reference electrode potential


  • Isolated channels

The ZED 16 features sixteen zero resistance ammeters for measuring the current flowing between two working electrodes per channel.  Each channel can also have a high impedance reference electrode input to measure the potential of the couple. Simple but effective, the ZRA is one of the best tools in the Corrosion Scientists arsenal allowing for measurement and analysis without any external polarisation and disturbance of the cell.

When ordering the Zed 16 there are basically three options:

  1. 20 mA or 350 mA maximum output current.
  2. Isolated or coupled channels.
  3. Reference electrode input or not.

Each individual ZRA has 4 current ranges, set via an internal switch.  This allows for great versatility in the experiments that can be performed with the Zed 16. If the tests are to be performed either in separate test cells, or as a multi electrode coupled sample then the coupled channel option is one to select (this option is the lowest cost).  If the test is using multiple pairs of electrodes, all in the same bath, but independent of the other couples then the isolated option should be chosen. The RE option can be deleted if the only tests required are galvanic with no measurement of potential, but in most cases it is wise to leave the RE's in place to allow for future Current and Voltage Standards. The same very high accuracy voltmeters are used in the Zed 16 as in the rest of our range, measuring current and voltage with no anti-aliasing problems guaranteed. The Zed 16 (named after the British pronunciation of the letter Z, and a common term in use for the Zero Resistance Ammeter) can easily be customised to your specifications as per its sibling, the Pot 16.

The Zed 16 can easily be customised to the customers specifications. Higher current output, more channels, less channels, waterproof enclosure, alternative connectors and battery powered option are all possible.  The Zed 16 is infinitely variable. It is designed to accomodate the needs and specifications of the end user.

All ACM instruments come with a two year warranty which may, at low cost, be increased to five years for peace of mind.

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