• Single 2 Amp Potentiostat
  • 64 ZRA's
  • 20 mA Max per ZRA
  • Offsetting ZRA's
  • Four Current Ranges


  • Statistical Analysis
  • Battery Development
  • Micro Cells
  • Current Flow Patterns
  • Fundamental Research

This large instrument comprises a single 2 Amp potentiostat and sixty four 20 mA Zero Resistance Ammeters.

The reference voltage for the potentiostat is fed in via the rear terminals marked 'External In'. The cell potential is read at the rear 'Potential Out' terminals. The cell is connected at the front panel; Auxiliary Electrode AE, Reference Electrode RE and the instrument ground at the green 4mm terminal. The drive to the AE terminal is passed through the ISO/RUN switch. This allows for cell set-up and connection in ISO with instant drive in RUN.

The ZRA's are all individually referenced to potentials supplied via D connectors on the rear panel. The ZRA must have a reference voltage to operate, in normal mode this is instrument ground. The voltage across the count resistor is available for measurement at the rear panel D connectors. For each ZRA this comprises LO, the reference voltage supplied, and HI, the output voltage. They are built with four selectable ranges, 100 Ohm (100 mA max), 1 KOhm (10 mA max), 10 KOhm (1 mA max) and 100 KOhm (0.1 mA max).

One use of this unusual instrument is for pin electrode arrays where the current flow patterns are analysed to form a 3D map across the surface.

[Gill IK64 Datasheet]