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Friday, 9th October 2015
     30th Anniversary
Lifetime Warranty

To celebrate ACM Instruments 30th Anniversary we are offering a Lifetime Warranty on any Instrument bought during this promotional offer. Also during this promotion our existing customers can have out-of-warranty instruments repaired including parts and labour costs. Contact ACM Instruments or view Offers and Promotions for further information.

A relatively new field of bioelectrochemical tests involves the use of bio-sensors capable of analysing proteins and nucleic acids (DNA & RNA). Redox potentials can be found using fast cyclic voltammetry tests, data is presented in cyclic voltammogram form:

Cyclic voltammogram

ACM have worked with Industry leaders to create instruments that push the boundaries - one such was named 'Speedy 9', capable of high-speed cyclic voltammetry simultaneously on 9 channels, with fast sweep rates (100s mV per second) and fast data collection of 60 measurements per second, per channel!

For Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC), please view Fuel Cells for more details.

See Application Notes for more information on cyclic voltammetry.

See Downloads for instrumentation datasheets.

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